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NOCO Clean #1 is a multi-purpose liquid product, designed for use as an immersion or spray rust preventative cleaner for most metals. This product is formulated to clean and leave a clear rust preventative film that is not sticky or gummy without additional rising. The resulting film will not interfere with subsequent forming, assembly, welding or heat treat operations.

NOCO Clean #1 provides effective removal of soils, including heavily chlorinated, sulphurized oils, fats, coolants and dry film lubricants from ferrous metal surfaces. NOCO Clean #1 exhibits excellent oil rejection properties. Petroleum oils can be removed by skimming to prolong cleaner life.

NOCO Clean #1 is a low foaming, nitrate and amine free product that can be used in a multi-stage washer as both a cleaner and a final stage rust preventative, to provide temporary indoor rust protection.

NOCO Clean #1 can be applied in the first or final stage as a cleaner and rust inhibitor.



          • Use NOCO Clean #1 at 2 to 5% by volume.
          • Application temperature is 120 to 150 deg. F (50 to 65 C).
          • Application time is 45 seconds to 2 minutes.


Clear, Amber Liquid
Specific Gravity


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