Commercial Products FAQ's

Q:  What are my delivery options for heating oil or propane?

A:   You can choose to have your fuel delivered on an automatic basis, or you can choose to order each delivery yourself - commonly called Will Call delivery. 

Contact a NOCO Fuels Specialist for details at (800) 601- 6626.

Q:  How long after ordering heating oil or propane can I expect a delivery?

A:   After ordering, please allow 48 hours (not including Saturday and Sunday) for a heating oil or propane delivery. 

Better yet, let us plan your deliveries with our Automatic Delivery service. 
Contact a NOCO Fuels Specialist for details at (800) 601-6626.

Q:  Should I use heating oil, kerosene, or a blended product like NOCO's All Weather Supreme?

A:   What product you should use largely depends on where your storage tank is located.  If your tank is in indoors and the indoor temperature does not fall below 30 degrees, you should use heating oil. If your storage tank is outdoors or if the indoor temperature can fall below 30 degrees you should use kerosene.  Kerosene resists clouding (the oil becomes a sort of gel) down to about 10 degrees. Some clients find that NOCO's All Weather Supreme fuel (a blend of heating oil and kerosene) works well - especially if their storage tank does not see temperatures below 0 degrees. 

Q:  Why are energy prices so high?

A:   The short answer is that increasing demand and limited supply have combined to substantially increase the cost of energy around the world. The United States economy continues to grow while the economies of China and India are also expanding rapidly - the entire world requires more and more energy each day. Worldwide crude oil production continues to grow, but nowhere near the rate of growth seen in the 1980s.  In addition, there is limited refining capacity in the United States and current environmental laws make it very difficult to build new refineries.  The added uncertainties of catastrophic weather, terrorist activities and unstable Middle Eastern countries all combine to produce volatile energy markets. As long as demand remains strong, and supply remains flat, we can expect continued high prices for energy.

Q:  How does heating oil compare to propane and natural gas?

A:   Each product has its strengths and weaknesses.  A NOCO Fuels Specialist can help you decide which product is best for your business.  Contact a Fuels Specialist at (800) 601- 6626.

Q:  What size storage tank should I use?

A:   A NOCO Fuels Specialist can help you choose the appropriate sized storage tank for your business.  Our Fuels Specialists will guide you through the complicated regulations and design a system to match your needs.  Call us today at (800) 601-6626

Q:  Does NOCO have any programs just for Farmers?

A:   NOCO's farm diesel program gives farmers the power to choose a Pre-buy or a Fixed price for off road diesel each spring and fall.  Call a NOCO Fuels Specialist for details (800) 601-6626.

Q:  How do I know what lubricant is right for my manufacturing process?

A:   At NOCO, we carry the right lubricant product for nearly every application.  Our Lubricants Specialists can help you select the best fit for your business. Contact us today at (800) 500-6626.

Q:  What should I do with my used oil?

A:   NOCO recycles used oil into an efficient heating fuel called RL (Recycled Lubricant).  We will come to your business and pick up your used oil!  Contact a NOCO Specialist for details (800) 500-6626.