Commercial Natural Gas & Electricity

Your high-energy business demands the most reliable, low-cost energy source. You now have the power to control your business energy costs with NOCO Natural Gas & Electricity!

Getting started with NOCO Natural Gas & Electric is FAST, easy, and FREE!

STEP 1:  Request a No-obligation Savings Analysis

With your authorization, we will analyze your past 12 months natural gas and electricity usage and review your savings options.


STEP 2:  Choose a competitively priced plan

Our energy consultants will explain every option to you, allowing you to choose a plan that best meets the needs of your business.


STEP 3:  Make the SWITCH to NOCO!

After choosing a natural gas and/or electricity plan and completing your agreement, we will handle all of the details of converting your account. Your local utility will continue to deliver your natural gas and/or electricity... and NOCO will deliver the savings to you!

Choose an energy supplier you can trust! A family-owned company founded in 1933 and headquartered in Western New York, NOCO provides electricity, natural gas, and other energy products and supplies - servicing residential, small commercial, and large industrial customers in Buffalo, Rochester, and through Western New York. NOCO is one of the leading energy suppliers in New York State!