Look to NOCO for ways that energy can serve you and your commercial operation in Western New York

We’ve got you covered when you need support with energy advice, energy procurement and assets installation, energy management or waste management. We offer support in several ways for each of these categories.

We help our customers formulate strategies tailored to their energy needs and identify opportunities for optimizing their energy consumption
Our services:
  • Incentive procurement
  • Project management
  • Master planning
  • Fintech
  • Marketing and communications
  • Building operations
    • Energy efficiency and conservation methods
    • Commissioning
    • Benchmarking
    • Energy audits
    • CO2 studies
  • Tariff management
  • Information-technology solutions
  • Grant writing
We offer network redundancy at prices any business can afford!
NOCO’s Energy-procurement and assets-installation services provide end-to-end services associated with the installation of onsite or offsite renewable-energy projects and battery storage systems, as well as other energy services. This creates opportunities for our customers to save on energy bills and possibly even produce revenue through self-generation of electricity.
Our services:
  • Power generation
    • Renewables (solar, wind, hydro)
    • Fuel cells
    • Geothermal
  • Storage
    • Battery energy storage
    • Mechanical
    • Thermal
    • Chemical
  • Transportation
    • EV charging stations
  • Sustainable community development: modular and sustainable microgrids
  • Substation power distribution: allows for easier regulation of voltage distribution and isolation of faults in transmission or distribution
  • Fuels
  • Natural gas
  • Electric
NOCO’s energy-management services provide energy-management solutions through monitoring, remote control and optimization of the load without placing a burden on the customer. These solutions allow us to automate energy services while still taking our customers’ comfort into account. They can also allow our customers to choose their electricity supply sources and control their load based on provided information.

Our services:

  • Data analytics/visualization and optimization
  • Sensors
  • Metering
  • Building control and automation
  • Demand management
  • Network operations
  • Market participation (real time/day ahead)
  • Forecasting and bidding
  • HVAC
Our services:
  • Used-oil recovery and recycling
  • Glycol recovery and recycling
  • Composting

Learn more about how we handle composting and other waste management!

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