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Community Solar

Community Solar is a state-led program that gives consumers access to the benefits of solar energy without having to install panels on your property. Community solar farms reduce your carbon footprint by supplying clean energy to the grid. What’s more? You will see savings on your electricity bill based on your share of the community solar farm.

Why Community Solar?

Enjoy the benefits of solar energy without owning or installing solar panels.  With Community Solar, you support renewable energy while enjoying:

  • Savings on your electricity bill
  • No upfront costs or long-term obligation
  • The same electricity service from your current provider

How Does It Work?



You are assigned a share of the local community solar farm based on your electricity usage.



Each month, bill credits are generated on your behalf and applied directly to your utility bill.



You purchase those credits at a discount -- meaning you will save an average of 10% on your electricity costs!

Go Green Today!

Getting started with Community Solar is simple.

1.  Complete the form below.

2.  Reserve your credits.  A NOCO Solar Advisor will reach out to you regarding available subcriptions.  Please note space is limited based on your location, electric usage, and account type.

3.  Start saving on your electric bill and helping the environment!

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Ask Now



How does it lower my electric bill?

By participating in a Community Solar Subscription, you earn Solar Credits on your Utility Bill.  The subscription fee NOCO charges is always less than the credits you receive.

What is a Community Solar Subscription?

Supported by New York State, Community Solar Subscriptions are an easy way for New York residents to get the benefits of clean energy without having to install panels or commit to long-term contracts.  You subscribe to a solar project, the solar project generates electricity, the electricity is converted to credits, the credits are applied to your current utility bill, and NOCO charges a subscription fee less than the credits you receive.

How many solar credits can I receive?

When subscribing to a Community Solar Project, you elect how much energy you want in your allocation.  Your annual allocation cannot exceed your annual usage.  Using a formula established by the Public Service Commission, the utility converts your allocation to the solar credits you receive on your bill.

Who can participate?

Subscriptions are limited.  Your utility account must be in the same utility territory as an available solar project.  If no project is available, you can elect to be placed on a waiting list.  Customer’s that are currently offsetting their electric with on on-site project are not eligible.  Please contact us for more information

Is there any cancellation fee?

You can cancel at any time, with no cancellation fee by providing 90 days' notice. Remember, you will only be billed for the credits that you received.