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NOCO is proud to supply electricity to thousands of our neighbors across New York State. As one of the area's largest and most trusted energy providers, we are committed to delivering competitive alternatives to default utility supply service. Our customers enjoy electricity supply options, while remaining with the utility for delivery, service, and billing. Choose NOCO for your electric and let us help you come home to better energy.

Locations we Serve

NOCO supplies electricity to residential customers in the RG&E, National Grid, and NYSEG territories of New York State.

Is NOCO supplying natural gas in my neighborhood?


About NOCO Electric

Have you chosen your electric supplier?

In New York State, utility customers have the option to choose their electric supplier.  NOCO is the local, trusted choice -- helping thousands of families, like yours,  manage their electric bills.  NOCO applies over 85 years of energy management and supply experience to offer the best combination of pricing and service.

Our customers benefit from:

  • Automatic tax, tariff and fee reductions
  • Competitive rates
  • Program and pricing options not offered by the utility
  • Friendly, accessible customer service (we're local and family owned!)

Have questions?  Whether you'd like to learn more about our programs or have a question regarding your existing supply service, we're just a phone call or email away.

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Program Options

NOCO offers several unbeatable pricing options to put you in control of your electric bill. Regardless of which program you choose, your utility will continue to read your meter, deliver your energy, respond to outages/emergencies, and send your monthly bill.


Market Program

NOCO's Market Program is indexed to the utility's rates -- so you can be confident you are never paying too much!  Customers choose this program to maximize savings from tax, tariff, and fee reductions.


Fixed Program

Avoid market fluctuations and enjoy price certainty with NOCO's Fixed Program.  Under our Fixed Program, you can lock in a low rate for 12 months. Regardless of market changes, your rate will stay the same all year long.

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Why are there less taxes, tariffs and fees if I switch to NOCO?

New York State is encouraging customers to choose a supplier, like NOCO, through offering tax reductions. When you choose NOCO, you no longer pay sales tax on the delivery portion of your bill.  Additionally, the utility issues a Merchant Function to its supply customers.  This charge is waived when you receive your supply from a source other than the utility.

How am I billed?

The utility will continue to bill you each month. The bill will identify NOCO as your energy supply company. You still only make one payment to the utility each month.

How can NOCO save me money on my natural gas & electric?

NOCO is not a regulated utility with a mandated energy purchase formula or guaranteed profit margin. We are free to buy natural gas and electricity smarter than the utility and we operate on a substantially lower margin than the utility. Plus, enjoy substantial tax, tariff, and fee reductions!

How much can I save by switching to NOCO?

Every home is different. Your savings are influenced by time of year, size of your home, and energy markets. Contact us today to see how much you can save.

How will the utility know I've enrolled with NOCO?

We take care of all the details and notify the utility of your enrollment. Switching is easy and it's free!  Once enrolled, you will receive a letter from the utility notifying you of your official start date. After that date, you will begin seeing NOCO listed as your supplier on your utility bill.

Energy Resources


Understanding my Electric Bill

Don't understand all the charges on your bill?  Wondering how you can save money?  Here are some tips from NOCO.

About NOCO Electric

What is an ESCO? What happens when you choose an ESCO, like NOCO, for your energy supply?  Watch our video below.

Enroll Today

Enrolling is simple! Complete our short application and NOCO handles the rest. Once enrolled, the utility will notify you of your official start date by mail.

Remember, your utility will always continue to read your existing meter, deliver your energy, respond to outages/emergencies, and send a consolidated bill.

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