LED Lighting

NOCO’s Energy Efficiency team offers solutions to reduce operating costs, improve building performance, and increased tenant and employee comfort.

Turnkey Solutions

At NOCO, we are committed to improving your building’s energy performance and reducing your overall energy costs.  Our trained energy auditors have the diagnostic tools and experience to pinpoint the precise opportunities for upgrades or fixes.  After completing your building assessment, NOCO will develop a set of recommended energy improvements tailored to maximize your ROI.

Your Potential Savings

Here are some examples of real businesses NOCO Energy Efficiency Solutions has helped. By implimenting a LED lighting project you can see the actual project costs along with the incentives and savings.

EES Project Savings

Incentives & Financing

Energy efficiency projects will often pay for themselves through decreased energy bills.  However, many projects qualify for state or utility rebates/incentives – allowing for an even faster payback period!  NOCO will help you secure the rebates you qualify for – assisting you with applications and guiding you through the process.


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