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About LED Upgrades

How long does a lighting audit take?

NOCO's Energy Auditor will ask you some basic questions concerning your lighting needs and then he will walk your facility.  The time needed to complete the energy audit depends on the size of your facility (as he will need to count and categorize all the lights).  Typically, the on-site portion of the audit can be completed in 1-2 hours.

What do you mean the utility is giving away money?

The utilities have set aside funding to encourage New York businesses to become more energy efficient. These utility incentives are limited as more and more businesses take advantage of the programs and upgrade their lighting.

How quickly will I see a return on my lighting upgrade investment?

Lighting can account for up to one third of your utility bill.  New energy efficient fixtures reduce heat, improve light, and significantly reduce energy consumption.  Additionally, businesses can achieve a significant reduction in maintenance expenses.  These benefits coupled with available incentives, typically result in projects netting a positive ROI in just 1-3 years.  

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