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At NOCO, we are committed to improving your building’s energy performance and reducing your overall energy costs. Our trained energy auditors have the diagnostic tools and experience to pinpoint the precise opportunities for upgrades or fixes. After completing your building assessment, NOCO will develop a set of recommended energy improvements tailored to maximize your ROI.

Step 1: Initial Site Visit

If you think your facility may benefit from a LED lighting upgrade or simply want to learn more about available incentives, NOCO is here to help.  High efficiency lighting can save you money, reduce your energy consumption, and can be easily retrofitted to nearly any fixture.  We provide free, no-obligation consultations. 

During this initial site visit, a NOCO Professional will meet with you, walk your site, and discuss the specific needs of your facility.

Step 2: Detailed Energy Audit

After evaluating your project requirements, a NOCO Energy Auditor will visit your facility and gather information necessary to compile your custom solution and detailed project proposal.

Step 3: Custom Proposal

The NOCO Energy Efficiency Team will evaluate the audit data and propose a custom solution to meet your facility's needs. Additionally, NOCO will review available incentives to secure funds to help pay for your project!

Step 4: Rebates and Financing

With incentives and financing available -- your lighting upgrade coiuld mean positive cash flow from day one. 

NOCO searches programs to secure utility incentive dollars to help pay for your project. We handle all the incentive paperwork, to ensure a hassle-free project.

NOCO also offers flexible financing options, to make your energy savings project even more affordable!  

Step 5: Installation

The NOCO team will oversee the entire installation process, providing a single point of contact for your project.

Step 6: Quality Assurance

Your NOCO Project Manager will walk the site and confirm the project work scope has been completed.  At this time, we will also provide you with all applicable warranty information.

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