Fleet Card Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How does the NOCO / Super Saver fleet card save me money?

A:  Many of our guests see their overall fuel management costs drop by up to 15%. Our program allow syou to set a fleet purchase policy with built in cost control tools - including reports that highlight discrepancies and unauthorized purchases. on top of those savings, we also offer a per gallon rebate on the gallons that you purchase in the NOCO / Super Saver fleet Network - ask us for details. 

Q:  Where are the NOCO / Super Saver fleet locations?

A:  We are constantly adding additional location to our accepting network. Look for the door decal designating the location as an accepting location.You can also click here for a list of our locations. 

Q:  When do I receive my rebate?

A:  After the month closes and we see how many gallons you have purchased in the NOCO / Super Saver Fleet Network, we then calculate your rebate and apply to the next month's statement as a credit.

Q: My organization is tax exempt. can you help us? 

A:  Yes, if your fleet is exempt from motor fuel excise tax or sales taxes at Federal, State, County, or City levels.  We can help significantly reduce your accounting and administrative time.

Q:  How often do you bill?

A:  We bill you monthly.  You will also get a consolidated, detailed bill that is accurate and up-to-date.

Q:  What is www.wextools.com?

A: www.wextools.com is a powerful tool that combines the speed of the internet with the highest level of electronic data capture in the industry. You have online access to your fleet's transactions as they post to your account, helping you identify exceptions so you can enforce your purchasing policies. You can also add and delete drivers and cards as well as view your account right over the internet.  

Q:  What kind of information about my drivers and vehicles will I get?

A:  We provide you with a variety of reports based on the data we collect on individual transactions. These include a Purchase Activity Report, Exception report, Financial Summaries, and Site summary. These valuable reports are available online at www.fleetenrollment.com. 

Q:  Why is it important for my company fleet fuel transactions to be captured electronically?

A:  Over 99% of all transactions made with the NOCO / super saver Fleet card are captured electronically and with complete fleet card purchase data.  That gives you accurate, up-to-date information on fleet car transactions-information you can act on to manage costs and identify unauthorized purchases.

Q:  Can I get a personal card?

A:  At this time the NOCO / Super Saver Fleet program is available only as a commercial offering.

Q:  How much does NOCO / Super Saver Fleet program cost?

A:  There is a one time setup fee of $40 per account and a cost of $2 per month for each Universal fleet Card and the Standard fleet Card is free.  Penny for penny, feature for feature, we believe this is the best fleet card program value your company will find. 

Q:  How do I sign up?

A:  Call us at 1-866-558-5980, apply now, or talk to your NOCO / Super Saver Fleet sales representative. We'll get the application process started so your company can enjoy all the convenience and cost controls available with the NOCO / Super saver Fleet Program. 

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