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Get the benefits of solar energy without having to install panels on your property. Join your friends, family, and neighbors by participating in NOCO’s Community Solar Program. You’ll receive savings on your existing National Grid Electric Bill for both your home or business AND a $50 Gift Card. There are no long term contracts – sign up and cancellation are easy and free. View the Customer Solar Subscription Agreement. Participate today by signing up below!

Fill out the form below – all you’ll need is your utility bill.
Help supply clean energy to the grid while supporting local solar farms.
Enjoy savings on your electric bill AND a $50 Gift Card!


Grab your utility bill and fill out the form – it’s that easy! This program is available to residential customers in the National Grid service area and sign up takes minutes.
No. NOCO maintains partnerships with local solar farms so you don’t have to purchase or install panels.
Local solar farms reduce your carbon footprint by supplying clean energy to the grid. When you participate, you’ll receive savings on your existing electric bill in the form of solar credits, which are based on your share of the solar farm.
Yes, the utility corporations are always responsible for delivering the physical energy to your home or property. You will see a new line item on your bill – Transfer Credit/Charges which will indicate your savings.
You should start seeing credits on your utility bill during the next billing cycle.
If you elected to receive the gift card via email or text message – allow 2-3 business days. Receiving the gift card by mail will take longer depending on your location. New customer enrollments only. Must provide valid National Grid account number with a minimum annual usage of 1,000 kwh to be eligible for the $50 Gift Card promotion. Gift card will be provided upon acceptance into the Program. Please contact us for more details.