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With an emphasis on sustainable energy and innovation, NOCO has had Western New York, including Syracuse, Buffalo, Rochester and the surrounding areas, covered on the home-energy front since 1933.

It is our priority to ensure that you, the customer, have the comfort, safety and value that you deserve. We make that happen with a range of fuels so that we can be sure to meet your energy needs, whatever they may be!

We offer our propane, heating oil and kerosene customers Automatic Delivery (which we recommend!) as well as Will-Call Delivery, and pricing and payment options that make sense for you.

Here is an overview of NOCO’s home-energy offerings:

  • Propane: Energy-efficient, safe and reliable, propane offers versatility and convenience. It’s ideal if you need to be off the grid and for powering outdoor appliances and equipment.
  • Heating oil: Cleaner and more efficient than ever before, ultra-low-sulfur heating oil offers homeowners another safe fuel option that’s available for Automatic Delivery or via Will Call.
  • Kerosene: Usable and stable for up to a decade (when stored properly), kerosene does not gel—even in the coldest conditions. It remains a go-to fuel for many homeowners.
  • Natural gas and electric: We offer a guaranteed savings program to residential customers of National Fuel, National Grid, NYSEG, and/or RG&E.
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  • Solar: Through our Community Solar Program, you can be a part of building a sustainable future—without installing expensive panels on your home.
  • Geothermal: The temperature outside may vary quite a bit, but the ground under us stays constant enough that we can benefit from geothermal energy, with the help of zero-emissions ground-source heat-pump systems.
  • As a company, we are committed to our environmental impact and how we can go about moving sustainable energy forward through the home energy we facilitate and provide to the residents of Western New York.

Choose from a range of pricing and payment options.

Propane, heating oil and kerosene: Pricing options include our Fixed-Price Program, Pre-Buy Fixed-Price Program and Market Price plan. Payment options include Automatic Payment, Paperless Billing, Budget Billing and payment through your online account.

Community Solar offers guaranteed savings in the form of solar credits on your existing electric bill.

Natural gas and electric: Both are billed directly through your utility. Lock in a fixed price or opt to pay no more than you would with the utility through our guaranteed savings program.

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