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Your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system can do more than heat and cool your home. It can also keep the humidity at a comfortable level in winter and summer. It's a delicate balance: if it's too low, you'll feel the effects of colds, respiratory infections, and asthma more, and some of the furnishings in your home will literally dry out. If it's too high, you'll be uncomfortable and mold and mildew will flourish - they love moisture! NOCO installs humidifiers from AprilAire

Winter Humidification

  • In the winter, high humidity levels can be minimized by the effects of bacteria, viruses, fungi, respiratory infections, allergic rhinitys and asthma, and ozone production.   In the wintertime a inside temperature of  with 60% RH is just as comfortable as 72°F with 30% RH.  So lower the temperature and lower your utility bills with minimal negative effects!
  • Most forced-air systems and heat pumps pull air from the outside for heating - changing only the temperature, not the humidity. The cold air is dry and when the  10°F outside air is heated to 70°F, the humidity level in your home will be the same as the outside air's, around 7%. The is why your skin feels dryer, even chapped, in the winter.
  • A computer-controlled humidifier will automatically adjust for natural weather fluctuations to provide enough moisture foa a healthy, comfortable home. Additionally, it will minimize or prevent window and cold surface condensation.


Summer Dehumidification

  • As air conditioners cool the air, they pull moisture out of the air - which is why you feel better in an air conditioned space.  If they didn't dehumidify you would feel cold and clammy.
  • High moisture levels not only leave the sticky feeling, they result in the growth of bacteria, viruses, fungi, dust mites, and mold.  A 30% RH and a temperature of 78°F provides the same level of comfort as 74°F/70% RH air. So, in the summer with a dehumidifier, turning up the thermostat lowers your utility bills.
  • Although your air conditioning system or stand-alone dehumidifier is designed to remove moisture and decrease the RH levels in your home, in very humid areas of the country, it may not be capable of lowering the levels below 60% RH. In such cases, your ACCA quality contractor may suggest alternative or additional equipment and control strategies.
  • Your air conditioning system or stand-alone dehumidifer is designed to remove moisture and decrease the RH levels in your home, however they can only do so much.  A  NOCO Pro will be able to suggest alternative or additional equipment and control strategies.

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