Your energy service, consists of two portions (supply & delivery). Until deregulation, consumers could only buy their energy from one place -- the utility.

With deregulation came choice. Consumers are now eligible to choose an Energy Service Company (ESCO) for their energy supply. ESCOs in the marketplace have enabled consumers to get better value for their energy dollar -- through forcing efficiency, driving competition and allowing for innovation.

When you chose NOCO, your service and billing will not change. ESCOs partner with the utility to offer seamless service to customers. In other words, customers will enjoy the same delivery, single bill, and support from their current utility -- however, with NOCO's supply rates and benefits. It's that simple.

Over a million businesses & residential customers in New York State are already participating in the energy deregulation. In fact, New York State encourages customer choice by waiving certain taxes and fees for those that participate.