Clarence Hot Water Heater

If time has taken its toll on your water heater, it's time to call NOCO. With over 80 years of service to Clarence NY and surrounding communities, our home heating experts are prepared and ready to change or upgrade your water heating system to the most modern systems available.

Hot Water Heating Services in Clarence

NOCO has a variety of options for your new Clarence hot water heater. We offer traditional water tanks, high-energy efficiency tanks, and increasingly popular tankless water heating systems that contribute to conserving the community's water while increasing the usable space in our customer's garage or property. Many of our customers appreciate the savings that our energy-efficient water heating systems provide. They also appreciate the improvement in their water quality that their new water heating system provides.

Your new Clarence hot water heater will have a newly improved venting system that will enhance the safety of the home and be available for a tax rebate, saving money right from the start.Clarence Hot Water Heater

We have found that water heating tanks tend to accumulate minerals and sediments that affect the efficiency of the system and increase the energy costs associated with keeping it functioning. Homeowners may not notice that their trusty old tank is leaking from the hose connectors or the time-worn hoses themselves. Sometimes these problems can be repaired, but often older water heating tanks have simply fulfilled their capacity to function with efficiency and must be replaced.

One of the essential steps to preparing for the cold and unpredictable winter is to have your water heating system checked. Once the winter's chill sets in, the family is exposed to the danger of an exploding water tank followed by frosty or frozen water along with possible frozen and broken water pipes in the middle of a winter's cold-snap.

Our customer service representatives at NOCO will be delighted to answer any questions and set your appointment when you call us at (800) 662-6776, or please feel free to contact us online. We look forward to serving you!

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