Commercial and Industrial Energy

With 80 years of experience in wholesale and retail energy products, NOCO is dedicated to delivering the promise of commercial energy to your business.  We develop and implement customized programs that can improve your efficiency, save you money, and fuel your company's growth. 

NOCO owns and operates a 42-million gallon terminal facility in Tonawanda, NY. This unmatched strategic asset allows NOCO to serve Commercial and Industrial customers with the most flexible delivery and pricing options and with the widest range of energy products in Western New York.   

NOCO has a full-service laboratory that provides testing services to both customers and internal company technicians. The laboratory serves as the quality control center for the NOCO terminal. The laboratory also screens and approves all used-oil products as required by NYS DEC permit. 

Laboratory tests include Metals analysis, Sulfur testing, RVP (Reid Vapor Pressure), Cloud and pour points, Flash-point, Viscosity, API Gravity, Color and Halogen analysis. 

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