Ductless Air Conditioning

Have you been told that you can't have central air because you don't have ductwork.  At NOCO, ductless air conditioners are available and our techs install, maintain and repair them.  Although, the technology has been available since the 70's, the design has recently taken a huge step forward.  No longer will you have to suffer in the heat with box fans and unsightly air conditioners. 

Models like the Unico air conditioner or Mr. Slim from Mitsubishi can keep you comfortable without sacrificing the beauty of your home.

The benefits of ductless zoned air conditioning include:

  • Save money by efficiently cooling only the areas you want to be comfortable
  • Ideal for homes with boiler systems (hot water heat), new additions, finished basements and bedrooms
  • High efficiency, up to 23 seer - saving you  money on utility bills

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