Product Data Sheet


NOCOSOL PLUS is a premium water emulsifying coolant that covers a wide range of metalworking activity.  NOCOSOL PLUS contains an effective bactericide to ensure long tank life when compared to other conventional water emulsifying coolants.

     Features      Benefits
  • Excellent emulsion stability
  • Stable in wide range of water hardnesses
  • Easily disposed of by conventional means
  • Non-Corrosive to non-ferrous metals
  • Superior rust protection
  • Higher concentration of emulsifier
  • Non- foaming
  • Provides extra protection against oil-water separation under adverse conditions
  • Does not contain chlorine, easier to dispose of
  • Cost effective
  • Good lubrication qualities
  • Excellent shelf life
  • Resists bacteria formation
Specific Gravity .92
API Gravity 23.70
Neat Oil Appearance Amber
Emulsion Appearance Milky White
Odor Slight Petroleum Aroma

To optimize the performance of your coolant, please check your concentration regularly. Ask your NOCO sales representative for our refractometer chart.


Indoor storage is best.  If drums must be stored outdoors, store them on their side with the large bung up.  In cold weather, inventory should be brought indoors as needed and kept at least eight hours at room temperature before use.  Extreme care should be exercised to prevent water from entering drums.  Bulk storage temperatures should not exceed 40°C.

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rev. 06/01/2008