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NOCO General Site Parameters  


General parameters - new site acquisition:
These guidelines are just that, guidelines. NOCO will look at sites within these general parameters.

Site characteristics:

  • Corner sites preferred, but not necessary.
  • Site does not have to be vacant. NOCO will consider sites that have existing structures.
  • Ideal site size is 200' x 200'. NOCO will look at larger sites as well. Mutual site developments and co-tenant relationships will be seriously considered on larger parcels.
  • Minimal site size is 175' x 150'.
  • Topography should be generally agreeable to development use.

Market characteristics:

  • Prefer to locate sites in established or growing commercial and/or retail market areas.
  • Small town markets will be considered.
  • Traffic counts (i.e. cars per day) and population counts (i.e. rooftops) are very important characteristics.

Please submit any site that matches these general criteria by using our online form.

Note: The criteria set forth herein are subject to change from time to time by NOCO Real Estate at its sole discretion, without notice. Criteria may be relaxed or restricted on a case by case basis, if in the sole discretion of NOCO, circumstances exist which warrant such relaxation or restriction.

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NOCO will review the information submitted and respond back if we are interested in pursuing the property for possible acquisition.