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Honing Oil is a premium quality honing oil for today's demanding requirements. A clean working environment and worker acceptability is obtainable with Honing Oil E.

Odor Pleasant Fragrant (Cherry)
Appearance  Pale Yellow
Density @ 15ºC Kg/M³ - 0.9005
Viscosity  SUS @ 100ºF - 40.0
cSt   @   40ºF -   4.2
Flash Point COCºF - 225
        ºC - 107

Features Benefits

Superior Quality Save Tool Cost
Light Color Improves Visibility of Work
Sweet Odor Pleasant to Workers
Low Viscosity Improves Fines Removal
High Flash Safe to Use
Polymeric Cleaners Safer to use
Improves plant cleanliness
Safe to use Non irritating to normal skin

Don't Pollute!  Dispose of used oil properly!
Call your NOCO sales representative for details on our Oil Recovery Program.

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