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NOCOCOOL EP is a cost-effective, semi-synthetic metalworking fluid applicable to a wide range of machining operations and metals.

NOCOCOOL EP is ideal for operations that demand excellent cooling, lubricity, and extreme pressure activity.  It is formulated to protect tooling, facilitate chip formation and inhibit corrosion, even after extended use.  On evaporation, NOCOCOOL EP leaves no insoluble film to foul machinery - a major improvement over most semi-synthetics.  Its pleasant color and odor are well received by machine operators.

In terms of economics, longer coolant life, extended tool life, and reduced downtimes, NOCOCOOL EP is a truly economical metalworking fluid.


  • High Speed Operations
  • Low Speeds Heavy Cuts
  • Oil Not Desirable
  • NC or CNC Machines
  • Improved Cooling of Tool/Part Interface
  • Central Systems and Individual Sumps
     Features      Benefits
  • No oil present 
  • Extreme pressure additives 
  • Increased tool life
  • Versatility in operations
  • Excellent corrosion inhibition 
  • Pleasant scent
No Sticky Residue, Cleaner Parts
Better Too Life
Superior Finish, More Parts Produced
Lower Inventory Cost
Protects Parts and Machine from Rust
Easier Operator Acceptance



Indoor storage is best.  If drums must be stored outdoors, store them on their side with the large bung up.  In cold weather, inventory should be brought indoors as needed and kept at least eight hours at room temperature before use.  Extreme care should be exercised to prevent water from entering the drums.  Bulk storage temperatures should not exceed 40°C.


Property Method Results
Appearance Visual Transparent, Blue-Green
Density, Kg/dm @ 15º C D1298* 1.067
pH, (20:1 Solution) Meter 9.6
*ASTM unless otherwise noted.

To optimize the performance of your coolant, please check your concentration regularly. Ask your NOCO sales representative for our refractometer chart.

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