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NOCO Lubricants has developed a new environmentally friendly deep hole drilling oil incorporating advanced polymeric additives. NOCOCUT DHD was specifically designed as a superior heavy-duty gun or deep hole drilling oil. This product contains both active and non-active polymeric additives and lubricity agents that are required for difficult to machine metals. The combination of new chemistries provides outstanding performance and superior finish in the most difficult operations.

NOCOCUT DHD is recommended for deep hole and gun drilling. Its low viscosity improves the ability to flush swarf and chips away from the drill point and allow fines to settle rapidly in the machine sump. Operators will enjoy working with NOCOCUT DHD because of its low odour, transparent and very light colour.

Appearance Golden
Density 0.898
Viscosity @ 40°C, cSt 11.5
Viscosity @ 100° F, SUS 70
Copper Strip 4b
Pour Pt, °F 5
Flash Pt, °F 311 

Features Benefits

Low Viscosity Rapidly flushes chips and swarf away from tool point
Light color Easier to see tool and workpiece
Easier to clean parts
Low odor Immediate operator acceptance
Improves shop environment
New additive technology Improve tool life
Higher production rate
Improves surface finish
Improves quality of parts
Improves cooling ability - reduces tool wear
Anti-Misting Safer to use
Improves plant cleanliness
Safe to use Non irritating to normal skin
High viscosity index Good flow characteristics at low temperature
Provides excellent film strength at higher temperatures

Don't Pollute!  Dispose of used oil properly!
Call your NOCO sales representative for details on our Oil Recovery Program.

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