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NOCO Lubricants has developed a new environmentally friendly metalworking fluid incorporating advanced  polymeric additives.


NOCOCUT NOCHLOR B was developed for use with all types of metals, ferrous and non-ferrous.  Operations include: light duty grinding, turning, deep hole drilling and milling.

NOCOCUT NOCHLOR B will provide superior machining and lubricating performance.  It's ability to be used as a dual or tri-purpose oil is especially helpful where lube oil contaminates the cutting oil, therefore, eliminating the problem caused by dilution.

NOCOCUT NOCHLOR B advanced polymeric additives permit use with all types of tooling including: high speed steel, carbide, titanium-nickel and ceramic.

NOCOCUT NOCHLOR B are especially suited for high surface speed machining of screw machine stock, aluminum and brass.  It can also be used on copper and alloys.

Appearance  Brown, Clear Liquid
Density .870
Viscosity @ 40ºC cSt 32
Viscosity @ 100° F SUS 150
Copper Strip Test 1a, 1b
Flash Point, °F COC 395
Viscosity Index 117

Features Benefits

Low odor Immediate operator acceptance
Improves shop environment
Non chlorine EP additive Improves corrosion protection
Environmentally friendly
Reduces disposal cost
Multi metal, multi functional Reduces oil inventory
Works with ferrous and non-ferrous metals
Non-staining Use on aluminum, brass, bronze and copper
New additive technology Improve tool life
Higher production rate
Improves surface finish
Improves quality of parts
Improves cooling ability - reduces tool wear
Anti-Misting Safer to use
Improves plant cleanliness
Safe to use Non irritating to normal skin
Dual purpose Eliminates dilution of cutting oil with lube oil
Maintains the performance of the cutting oil
High viscosity index Provides excellent film strength at higher temperatures

Don't Pollute!  Dispose of used oil properly!
Call your NOCO sales representative for details on our Oil Recovery Program.

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