Product Data Sheet


NOCOPAR 2400 BS OIL is a highly refined, premium quality paraffinic oil designed for a wide variety of rubber and other process applications. Structurally, parrafinic oils have a predominance of saturated rings and long paraffinic side chains (55% min.Cp), and thus are more saturated than either naphthenic or aromatic oils. They are dewaxed to low pour points and are available in a wide range of viscosities. They show excellent resistance to oxidation which increases as molecular weight increases. Their high aniline points indicate relatively low solvency power.

General Properties

NOCOPAR 2400 BS Oil provides the low saturation required for Butyl and EP polymers and for many chemical applications, including textile specialties and caulking and sealant compounds.


NOCOPAR OILS are recommended for use with Butyl, EPDM, EP, SBR, and natural rubbers. They are recommended for applications requiring colour stability to heat and light, and low odour level. They are also widely used as process oils in the chemical process industries for applications such as carriers, diluents, extenders and plasticizers.

Physical Properties

Visual Clear and Bright
API Gravity
D4052 24.7 TYP
Viscosity, mm2/s (cSt) @ 40°C
D445 472 TYP
Viscosity, mm2/s (cSt) @ 100°C
D445 30.6/32.7
Viscosity Index
D2270 95 MIN
Flash Point, COC, °C
D92 293 MIN / 312 TYP
Pour Point, °C
D97 -3 MAX
ASTM Color
D1500 L2.5 TYP / 5.5 MAX
rev. 04/21/2010