Product Data Sheet


NOCOSOL Premium CF is a new generation of chlorine free heavy duty soluble oil for use on all machining operations.  NOCOSOL Premium CF uses a combination of two advanced polymeric additives that provide longer tool life and better surface finish when compared to conventional chlorinated soluble oils.  NOCOSOL Premium CF has excellent emulsion stability, extreme pressure, antiweld and lubricity additives.  It will also provide enhanced rust protection through a carefully selected blend of emulsifiers.  NOCOSOL Premium CF is fortified with an effective proven biocide to control the growth of bacteria.


NOCOSOL Premium CF is designed for use between 5% and 10% concentration, depending on the severity of your application.

     Features      Benefits
  • Chlorine free extreme pressure additive
  • Excellent emulsion stability
  • Multi metal and multi functional
  • Contains corrosion inhibitors
  • Fortified with biocide
  • Non foaming and non irritating
  • Easier to dispose and provides excellent antiweld properties
  • Mixes readily with water and rejects tramp oil
  • Reduces product inventory
  • Protects machine and parts from rusting
  • Prevents "Monday morning odor" and extends sump life
  • Safe and pleasant to use
Property Method Result
Appearance NOCO Dark Blue
Color, 5% emulsion NOCO Medium Blue
Viscosity, cSt @ 40º C ASTM D445 87.2
PH, 5% emulsion NOCO 9.5
Foam Test NOCO Pass

To optimize the performance of your coolant, please check your concentration regularly. Ask your NOCO sales representative for our refractometer chart.


Indoor storage is best.  If drums must be stored outdoors, store them on their side with the large bung up.  In cold weather, inventory should be brought indoors as needed and kept at least eight hours at room temperature before use.  Extreme care should be exercised to prevent water from entering drums.  Bulk storage temperatures should not exceed 40°C.

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