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NOCO Nortrans HD Series are specialized transmission fluids formulated to meet Caterpillar TO-4 specification. The Nortrans HD 10W and 30 also meet the Allison C-4 specification. These fluids are designed to give smooth transmission power transfer under high horsepower conditions.

NOCO Nortrans HD oils are suitable for the old Caterpillar TO-2 specification, but provide substantially improved friction and anti-wear performances, resulting in longer equipment life. They also provide excellent low temperature properties and oxidation stability, meaning easier cold weather startups, oxidation protection, and wear and sludge control. NOCO Nortrans HD is also suitable for engines requiring API CF and CF-2.


  • Improved Friction and Antiwear Properties Compared to TO-2 Fluids
  • Long Equipment Life
  • No Clutch Slippage and Reduced Need for Adjustment
  • Longer Fluid Life
  • Less Wear in Cold Weather Startup
  • Excellent Shear Stability to Maintain Viscosity and Wear Protection
NOCO Nortrans HD 10W 30 50
API Gravity 29.5 28.3 27.1
Flash Point, F 410 440 455
Pour Point C -25 -20 -10
Viscosity @      

40C (cSt)

39.3 94.5 207

100C (cSt)

6.2 11.1 18.6

200F (SUS)

200 504 1200

210F (SUS)

46.3 64.1 93.2
Viscosity Index 105 98 98

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