Retail Fleet Cards

Whether you are a fleet with hundreds of vehicles or just one, NOCO Super Saver Fleet Program can help you remain in control of your fuel purchases. NOCO Super Saver Fleet has partnered with Wright Express to provide two programs that can be tailored to your needs.

About the Program

The NOCO Super Saver Fleet Card offers card holders rebates on purchases and is accepted at all NOCO and Super Saver stations.  Our single card can replace your current fuel credit cards, offer greater flexibility, and give you the tools to create policies to reduce unauthorized purchases.  With our system, each vehicle is assigned a card and each driver is assigned a unique identification number; one cannot be used without the other.  Drivers enter the current odometer reading of the vehicle at the time of purchase along with the identification number.  With all of this information electronically, we provide customers the ultimate control in vehicle management.

Plus, you'll save money by cutting down on administrative expenses. Eliminate the time spent sorting through cash receipts and credit card slips. Other benefits of our retail fleet cards include:

Security - You know who buys what, where, and when

Efficiency - Reduce costs by managing fuel types

Quality Control - Trouble spots are flagged, helping to prevent abuse

Convenience - Easily track expenses by type

Vehicle Performance - Both miles per gallon and cost per mile are calculated to help you track vehicle efficiency

Cost Reduction - Administrative time is reduced and fiscal reporting is easy with monthly and year-to-date reporting

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Program Options

NOCO has two programs for your needs:

Standard Super Saver Fleet Card

This card is accepted at all area NOCO and affiliate locations.  With this card, receive rebates on purchases, online account access, service station repair options, and fleet purchase controls.

Universal Super Saver Fleet Card

If you fuel outside of the area, choose the NOCO Super Saver Universal Card. The Universal Card offers all the benefits of the Standard Card and is accepted anywhere Wright Express is accepted (more than 90% of retail fueling locations nationwide). 

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