We’ll help move your business in the right direction: toward a sustainable future

Our efforts to continue offering quality energy solutions while being environmentally responsible are strengthened by our partnerships with our customers and their communities. Learn more about the many ways we’re working to establish a sustainable future as we cover all of your commercial or agricultural needs. Look to NOCO for a variety of sustainable services, from community solar to energy-efficiency solutions to glycol recovery and recycling.

Sustainability Consulting

NOCO is here to help you run a business that’s as sustainable as possible. We work with small-business owners to incorporate the right sustainability practices into their facilities and operations. Learn more!



Our new consumer product brand – Tend. Tend offers soil amendments including composts and mulches, and insect protein based animal feeds Learn more!

Community Solar

Imagine running your business on clean energy from the community solar farm you’re paying into! You’ll get credits that result in savings on your electric bill, and you don’t even need to install solar panels. Let’s talk more!

solar panels


Glycol Recovery and Recycling

When you have business-generated waste that needs to be collected, transported and processed, we’ll take care of it in a way that is sustainable and in line with our standards and guidelines. We collect raw glycols and purchase them through an integrated business model in Central New York, and blend them to industry-established standards. Learn more!

Energy-Efficient Solutions

We’ll perform an energy audit on your space, which will enable us to offer recommendations and solutions to help increase your energy efficiency and maximize your ROI. We also work with Shanor Electric, which is now part of the NOCO family, to find lighting solutions for your business. Learn more!

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Geothermal Heating and Cooling

Use the natural temperature of the earth beneath your business to heat or cool your space to a throughout the year. Let’s talk more!

River Road Research (Food Waste)

Our partner River Road Research will collaborate with your business to divert food waste from landfills and reuse it. Learn more!


technoloy consulting

Technology Consulting

The services and hardware offerings available from 716 Technology Group will protect your network and data, providing you with the peace of mind you deserve. Learn more!

Buffalo River Compost

NOCO proudly partners with Buffalo River Compost, which prevents thousands of tons of organic surplus from ending up in regional landfills annually. Instead, the materials are used to produce environmentally beneficial compost. Let’s talk more!


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