An important notice on ULSD (Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel):

What are the new regulations on ULSD (Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel) and how do they affect me?

The goal of the new EPA mandated ULSD program is to reduce the volume of smog and acid rain causing compounds emitted into the atmosphere.  Additionally, the program is designed to reduce the volume of particulate matter emitted into the air from diesel engines.

The sulfur limit will be reduced to a maximum of 15 ppm over the next seven years.  Engine manufacturers are required to install new pollution control devices on all model year 2007 and newer equipment.  The new components include a catalytic converter and a particulate trap.  These components are required to take full advantage of the new ultra low sulfur diesel fuel.

The new ULSD can be used in all engines, old or new.  The old LSD cannot be used in engines manufactured in or after the 2007 model year.  In addition to this practice being illegal, the older LSD fuel will foul the catalytic converter and will reduce the life of the particulate trap.

Because the EPA regulations affect both the fuel and the engines, a regulatory system was put in place to guarantee availability of ULSD.  Since it is not a requirement to use the new ULSD fuel in older equipment, the EPA was concerned that distributors would not inventory the ULSD until the demand increased.  This could have taken years.  To hasten the use of the ultra low sulfur fuels throughout the distillate system, the EPA has imposed a mandate that effective June 1, 2006, 80% of the product produced and delivered must be ULSD, regardless of demand.  Downgrades from ULSD to LSD are limited and the products must be delivered to properly labeled tanks.  The older LSD will be completely phased out by December 1, 2010.  Supply of this product is expected to dry up long before this date.

Changes to Off Road (high sulfur) diesel will also begin October 1st, 2007 reducing the sulfur content from 5,000 ppm to 500 ppm.

As of June 1, 2006, all consumer pumps are required to be labeled with the proper product name and sulfur content.  As of October 15, 2006, all purchasers and consumers are required to be in full compliance with the new requirements. 

NOCO encourages our customers to convert to ULSD as soon as reasonable. Our staff is available to support your transition.

If you have questions, please call Rosemary at 716-614-1124 or Joe at 716-614-1129.


ULSD - Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel - 15 parts per million (ppm) sulfur maximum

LSD - Low Sulfur Diesel - 500 ppm sulfur maximum

HSD - High Sulfur Diesel - 5,000 ppm sulfur maximum

HO - Home Heating Oil - 5,000 ppm sulfur maximum