NOCO is one the largest independent fuel suppliers in the Northeast with over 44-million gallons of fuel storage. We supply commercial fuels to business clients throughout Albany, Buffalo, Rochester, and Syracuse, New York as well as Eastern Ontario and Southern Quebec, Canada. NOCO's commercial fuel products include bulk propane, heating oil, diesel, and gasoline with services including fleet fueling, transport services, terminal services, and fuel cards. By choosing NOCO, you are guaranteed quality products, competitive pricing, reliable service, and secure supply.

Locations We Serve

NOCO supplies commercial fuels to the following areas:

Locations we serve


NOCO is your best source for quality gasoline and diesel products. We offer low-sulfur diesel for your on-road fleet, and low-sulfur dyed diesel for your off-road equipment. Our bio-diesel exceeds ASTM 6751 standards. NOCO fuel specialists are able to develop a customized delivery schedule to fit the needs of your business. View our complete offering of gasoline and diesel products.

Fleet Fueling

Save your company time and money by signing up for NOCO fleet fueling. Our fueling service eliminates the time spent managing fuel purchases and inventory. Plus, every vehicle is fueled and ready to go each morning. We'll design a custom fuel delivery plan to meet your fueling needs. With NOCO fleet fueling, there are no more:

  • Stops at retail stations for fuel
  • Wasted time waiting in line
  • Wasted hours using company employees to fuel vehicles
  • Expense of buying and maintaining on-site fuel storage tanks

By selecting fleet fueling service, there is no need for on-site fuel storage, eliminating extra insurance costs and liability. Plus, our fleet fueling service provides accurate inventory control and management. All of our professional drivers are equipped with a handheld bar code reader. Each vehicle is bar coded with a small sticker. Before delivering fuel, the bar code is scanned with the device and recorded for reporting purposes. You are then able to obtain detailed reports for each vehicle fueled. Contact us today and we'll prepare a customized analysis of your business and recommend the best fueling option for you.


NOCO supplies industrial propane to a variety of customers including restaurants, golf courses, greenhouses, farms, and commercial businesses. We are able to design a custom propane system for your business. Our fuel specialists will select the appropriate BTU output, a gas line with enough compression strength and carrying capacity, and a propane tank with the right vaporization rate for your unique application. Contact us today to get started. Propane safety is very important; download our complete overview of propane safety.  To see our video on Propane Pump Filling Station Procedures, please click here.

Retail Fleet Cards

The NOCO Retail Fleet Card offers discounts on purchases for all card holders and is accepted at all NOCO and Super Saver stations. Our single card can replace your current fuel credit cards, offer greater flexibility, and give you the tools to create policies to reduce unauthorized purchases. With our system, each vehicle is assigned a card and each driver is assigned a unique identification number; one cannot be used without the other. Drivers enter the current odometer reading of the vehicle at the time of purchase along with the identification number. With all of this information electronically, we provide customers the ultimate control in vehicle management.

Plus, you'll save money by cutting down on administrative expenses. Eliminate the time spent sorting through cash receipts and credit card slips. Other benefits of our retail fleet cards include:

  • Security - You know who buys what, where, and when
  • Efficiency - Reduce costs by managing fuel types
  • Quality Control - Trouble spots are flagged, helping to prevent abuse
  • Convenience - Easily track expenses by type
  • Vehicle Performance - Both miles per gallon and cost per mile are calculated to help you track vehicle efficiency
  • Cost Reduction - Administrative time is reduced and fiscal reporting is easy with monthly and year-to-date reporting

If you fuel outside of the area, choose the NOCO/Universal Card for acceptance at more than 90% of retail fueling locations nationwide; anywhere Wright Express is accepted. Download our printable application and contact us today to start saving.

Generator Fueling

NOCO offers an emergency generator fueling program that provides peace of mind for your organization. Whether it's a blizzard or hurricane that causes an outage, our program delivers a reliable plan for backup power. Our 200-truck fleet allows us to quickly and efficiently transport fuel when you need it most. We utilize wireless tank monitoring systems (platinum level) to check your tank levels to ensure your generator will operate throughout the outages. NOCO provides Diesel Supreme for the most demanding environments. This fuel is the best possible product for your generator. Download our printable service contract and contact us today to begin your plan for backup power.