Our NOCO real estate team serves various parts of Western New York and consists of three main functions: site acquisition, construction, and property management and facility operations.  If you have a property that is for sale and would like to submit the information for review, click here.

Site Acquisition

NOCO real estate professionals are responsible for real estate site selection strategies, rental property acquisitions, and new store development plans. We are also active in real estate efforts related directly to governmental regulations, such as site approvals, permitting, and public hearings.


Our construction department is responsible for the development and completion of various projects including new stores, rebuilds, acquisitions, and existing store remodels. The scope of work includes design, budgeting, contracting, and scheduling for all aspects of the projects.

Property Management and Facility Operations 

NOCO real estate professionals are responsible for enhancing the current operation of NOCO Express stores. The improvement process includes purchasing adjacent properties to expand parking areas and buildings, as well as rebuilding entire stores.